White Spherical cup with metallic rim -    Platinum - Set of four

White Spherical cup with metallic rim

From £95.00
Set of four
handmade teacup

This small white ceramic teacup has perfect shape to be held in hand. Elegant, minimalist and modern shape is combined with luxurious materials.
It is handcrafted from fine English Bone China and rim is gilded with genuine gold or platinum.
This little cup gives you delightful pleasure of drinking your favorite drink.
The capacity of this cup is approx. 130ml (4.5fl oz).
Approx 7cm/2.7" in diameter and 6cm/2,3" in height.
Perfect for tea, espresso or even wine.
You can use it also as a candle holder as walls of this dish are translucent and the light will go through it.
Just put inside a standard tea light candle inside, lit it and enjoy.

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