Marbled Cup

Marbled Cup

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Porcelain cup:
Marbled cup

Exquisite porcelain cup, adorned with a mesmerizing marbled pattern and delicately plated with genuine gold. 

Each cup is a remarkable work of art, boasting its own distinct character and charm. 

Its versatility knows no bounds, as it effortlessly enhances your coffee, tea, yoghurt, or even serves as a perfect home for your favorite plant or a captivating candle holder. 

Available in array of colours. You have the opportunity to select the "base" colour of your cup, although please note that each piece is truly unique, ensuring that you possess an extraordinary treasure unlike any other. 

Capacity 200ml. Approx 8cm /3.14" in diameter and 7.5cm/2,95" in height.

Hand wash only.

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