Kintsugi- restoration ceramics classes

Kintsugi- restoration ceramics classes

120 min

Your favourite flower vase had an accident? Are you crying about broken granny cup? Repair it with me!

Kintsugi means: "to join with gold" and is a Japanese technique of restoration ceramics. 

Instead of discarding your cherished vase, plate or a bowl bring the pieces and give it a new life and new posh look!

During this workshops you will repair your pieces and decorate them with gold paint. You will be able to repete this process easily at home. This is not a traditional technique that is used in Japan as this would require using toxic laquers and take hours of work, but it is effective and equally beautiful. So join in to learn a new skill that will serve you for a lifetime.

Booking is essential.

All classes are run every Thursday and Friday evening from 18:30, please ask for available dates. 

You will work in small group of maximum 4 people.

You can also hire me to run this workshop if you organise a party, have a larger group or would like it to happen at your chosen location within Oxford or surroundings.

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