Black textured mug with gold or platinum handle

Black textured mug with gold or platinum handle

Pineapple Patterned Mug
Black Textured Mug

This elegant porcelain mug in charcoal black is decorated with pineapple pattern. It is handmade of fine English Bone China.

It has matte finish on the exterior and it is glazed inside.

The handle of this coffee mug is covered with genuine gold or platinum.

This ceramic mug is modern and decadent at the same time and it would look great in your kitchen.

Great for breakfast at home and coffee breaks at work. It could be your favorite mug!

It would be a conversation starter piece, that is for sure!

It would make an elegant gift for dad, boss, teacher, or colleague.

  • This mug holds approximately 400ml (13.5fl oz) of your favorite hot drink.
  • Height 11.5cm/ 4.5"
  • Diameter 8cm/ 3.14"

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